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22 Jan

Subsidised Language Courses

Government Subsidised Language Courses   Speakeasy Idiomas offers language courses for your business subsidised by the government agency responsible for the training of employees (Fundación Estatal para la formación en el Empleo or FUNDAE). These courses can be planned to best fit the needs of your business and staff. Our teachers have a wide range […]

20 Feb

Cambridge Exam Blog 4

    It’s time to look at the last part of the the Use of English exam – task 4!   KEY WORD TRANSFORMATION   What is the task?   There are 6 sentences. Below each sentence the is a word in bold- this is the key word. Further below there is another sentence with […]

15 Nov

Cambridge Exam Blog 3

 Today it’s time to look at part 3!       WORD FORMATION   What’s the task like? You have a short text with words in bold at the end of some lines. You need to change the form of the word so it fits correctly in the gap. E.g The concert was a great […]

24 Oct

Cambridge Exam Blog 2

Today it’s time to look at part 2!   Open Cloze What’s the task like? The second exercise from the Use of English paper is an open cloze – a short text with eight gaps which you need to fill. No options are given.   How many points is it worth? Every correct answer is […]

15 Sep

Cambridge Exam Blog 1

Welcome to the Cambridge English exam blog! Each week we will give you tips on how to get the best mark possible in the First Certificate exam! The Cambridge English First Certificate in English (FCE) consists of 4 parts Part 1 – Use of English and reading comprehension Part 2 – Writing Part 3 – Listening Part 4 – […]

21 Jun

Summer in Speakeasy!

Here at Speakeasy we’re getting ready for our intensive summer courses. Things are filling up but we’ve still got a few places left on some courses-   Intensive English Course Level A2 – for students in 1-4 of ESO.  Everything you need to go up a level of English in a month. Learn in a […]

5 Jun

What’s the best age to start learning a second language?

Living on an island like Mallorca it’s common to see kids as young as 4 or 5 years old chatting away in different languages – perhaps switching easily from their mother’s English or their father’s German to the Spanish and Catalan they study and hear in school. As someone who sees the time and effort […]

18 May

Studying abroad- is it worth it?

A question parents often ask us is whether doing an English course abroad is worth the expense. A common misgiving they have is that kids and teenagers often choose to hang out with students of their own nationality after class and so fail to immerse themselves in the language. It’s certainly true that this can […]

9 May

How and when to pass the Cambridge English exams in Palma de Mallorca?

Now the University of Cambridge offers even more opportunities to sit the Advanced and First Certificate English exams in Palma. Typically there have been 3 possibilities a year falling in December, March and June but this doesn’t always suit students as they often clash with end of course exams, selectividad or end of school trips […]