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Studying abroad- is it worth it?

A question parents often ask us is whether doing an English course abroad is worth the expense. A common misgiving they have is that kids and teenagers often choose to hang out with students of their own nationality after class and so fail to immerse themselves in the language. It’s certainly true that this can happen especially when with younger students travel abroad with a large group of friends from their own town. However, the benefits of studying abroad can be huge if you truly make the most of the experience – here are some tips to help you-

1. Go alone. You are going to speak far more English(or German or French..) if you don’t have a friend or partner to speak to in your native language. Not only that but you’re far more likely to meet new people in the same situation – it’s not only an opportunity to improve your English but to make lifelong friends and contacts.

2. Choose a homestay. Nothing is going to improve your English more than total immersion. Staying with a host family is the best way to do this – even the shyest of students are forced to speak, and thus improve , their English in a family environment.

3. Choose the right school. Many schools work primarily with one nationality – choose a school that has students from all over the world and one which guarantees that students of the same nationality will not be partnered in the same family. The fewer the opportunities to speak your native language, the quicker you’ll improve.

4.Live like a local. Trying food,drink and activities popular with locals will real give you a better feeling of the culture and people of a place. You’ll improve your language skills, broaden your horizons and see the world from a new perspective.

So is studying English abroad worth it? Definitely, yes!

If studying abroad is something that you might be interested in for yourself or your kids , get in touch. We’ve contacts with various schools throughout the UK and can plan the best experience for you!